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Missing transactions from Bank Feeds.

Started by Jules D (Community Manager) -   in Banking

Hi everyone.
Since the release of Yodlee bank feeds in Xero Personal, we've become aware of an intermittent issue affecting a small number of users, where an occasional transaction will not have imported.
Our Product Team have now identified the issue and released a fix to remedy this.
To check if you have been affected by this, compare your account balances in Xero Personal with the balances in your online banking. If your balances match, you're OK.

If balances don't match, we would advise you check each transaction that has imported into Xero Personal, against your transactions in online banking - going back to December 2012 .
If you do find any missing transactions, these will need to manually imported into Xero Personal.
For more information on how to do this, please see the Help Centre link below:
Import transactions using OFX, QIF, or CSV files
If you need any further assistance with this please contact us on bankfeedhelp(at)xero(dot)com
We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Hopefully this fix will improve your bank feed experience in Xero Personal, going forward.
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Hi all, I wanted to let people on this thread know that we are indeed actively working on this problem and it is currently our top priority. I'm sorry for any issues you've encountered in using the bank feeds for Xero Personal and we're actively trying to fix them.

There are definitely some problems in the feed processing system right now and we are testing fixes for them to release as soon as we can and as soon as we are sure they are safe. You can follow the bank feed status page for updates. In some ways we are victims of our own success - the numbers of people using these feeds has outpaced our best estimates and that increased demand appears to have affected general reliability. We're right now working hard on our ability for the platform to support the load we're experiencing.

Conversely if there is a problem with a specific bank (e.g. Kiwibank) you do need to work with bankfeedhelp@xero.com as problems with specific banks are usually traceable to either the bank itself, or to our third party feed provider, Yodlee, and these issues are out of our control - though we can and do put pressure on Yodlee to fix them. Recently we've increased our investment in Yodlee, based on feedback we've received from our customers, so that we are able to exert more influence on what they fix and how quickly they fix it. We'll be monitoring this investment closely over the coming months to ensure we see a return on it - more rapid resolution of bank-specific problems.

My apologies if the customer care team ask you to repeat certain steps during the trouble-shooting process. Yodlee rarely receive assistance from the financial institution when trouble-shooting problems so it is an incremental process to resolve problems when they do occur. When dealing with our customer care team, the more detail the better, and obviously as some of that detail may be private in nature it is better handled on a one-to-one basis. For your own privacy, we can't hash out specific problems you're experiencing in this forum. But as I've acknowledged, the problems are larger in scope right now - and as discussed above we're working on them as quickly as humanly practicable. The bank feeds and Xero Personal teams are small but vital parts of Xero with families and personal finance management needs of their own, so they are eager to get the problems with Xero Personal resolved, as they do take customer dissatisfaction to heart.

Matt Vickers (Xero Staff)