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Started by Jeremy Coulter -   in Partner Program

Hi all.
I have developed my integration and I am ready for a customer to start using it.
I was looking at the partner Program and I only saw mention of a Public Applications and I have written a Private Application.
Do I need to still go through the process to become a Xero Partner?
If not, how do I then give my customer the ability to use my Private app?

Thanks, Jeremy
Hello Jeremy!
Do I need to still go through the process to become a Xero Partner? - definitely yes. The main reason why you need this is refreshing token without further user reauthorizing - you can refresh tokens on backend. So, in order to become a partner you have to create Public app first, then send a request to Xero Dev to approve. Here you'll find all instructions how to do this link

Andrew Shitsko  

This was a strange response. with oAuth 1.0 you DO NOT need to become a partner. Just have the application keys/certificate uploaded on the client account.

with oAuth 2.0 this is not even necessary as partner/public/private apps work in the same way and you will get up to 20 or so connections before you need to upgrade to partner. I hope you had this figured out by now.

Jonathan Mifsud