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Export raw data to google sheets

Started by Gašper Mramor -   in Find a Developer


I am looking for an integration of Xero with google sheets (read/export Xero data only).

The raw data needed is:
- account transactions
- account payables - open liabilities
- account receivables - open claims

Has anybody already done this?

Hi Gašper

You may want to look at the G-Accon G Suite add-on.
If you need something more custom I can definitely do this for you.
Feel free to email me at joe@originalmind.com.au


Joe Niland  

Agree with Joe regarding G-Accon G Suite add-on.
But if extra help is required with a custom tailored solution - don't hesitate to contact me on jelena@stellarise.com to have a chat in detail.

Have a great day Gašper!

Elena Stellarise