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I need a Xero developer

Started by Donnie (Reports) Buchanan -   in Find a Developer

Hi, I need a Xero developer to help me build a google sheet integration with Xero.....it may extend into other G Suite apps as well (documents / slides etc). I work with accounting firms / Xero partners and know them pretty well. My business - http://www.entrycounts.com/ Please anyone if you can recommend someone that would be great. Im asking NSW government for cash right now. Haha, cheers
Hi Donnie, not sure if we can help but happy to talk through your requirements and make some recommendations? Feel free to email me at matthew@blackballsoftware.com

Matthew Taylor  

Good man, have sent email to you

Donnie (Reports) Buchanan  

Hey Donnie,

I've built interactive sheets before with Google Apps Script, and several Xero integrations. I'd love to hear more about what you're trying to achieve.
If you'd like a second opinion, please email me at joe@originalmind.com.au.


Joe Niland  

Hey Donnie,

You'd probably better served with one of the guys above, as they're closer to home than we are, as we are based in Europe. However if you don't Manage feel free to reach out on jonathan@maze.digital - we've done integrations with Google Sheets before. There may be some limitations on how things work but should be able to get it done.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Thanks guys, yes Ive got in touch, cheers

Donnie (Reports) Buchanan