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Google Apps Script OAuth Library for Xero Public App

Started by Jordan Rhea -   in API Authentication

I am really blowing up the discussion board the past few days. I have been working on setting up a spreadsheet that authenticates with the Xero public app API for pulling in report data.

I couldn't get the OAuth1 library to work and I tried tons of different configurations based on the Xero-Postman example.

So I started breaking down the library and trying to rewrite the library to figure out where the problem is. The error that I am running into now is: `oauth_problem=signature_invalid`

I pushed my Typescript code into a repository so hopefully it can become a resource for others who are trying to do something similar, as I see there are other people struggling with an apps script implementation.

Here is my repository.

Here is the original OAuth1 library

Any help would be super appreciated. I think it is definitely a tool that will benefit other developers.