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Invoice CreditNotes missing data

Started by Darren Lawrence -   in Wrapper libraries

When selecting a list of invoices, the CreditNotes object does not contain all the required data of a credit note.

If I read the credit notes directly the data is there.

The Data in question is

The Total is populated but the SubToal and TotalTax are Null when the real Credit note is fine.

The same goes for the Contact data, only the Name is populated!

Is this a bug or by design?
To be able to retrieve detailed response from Contacts, Invoices and CreditNotes endpoint, you need to use the paging parameter when retrieving them

Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)  

When using the Wrapper, the page is already being used but still there is missing data

The Credit note only has the total , no subtotal , even the status Is set as draft when its authorized

Payments: null
Reference: null
RemainingCredit: 0
SentToContact: null
Status: Draft
SubTotal: null
Total: 187.50
TotalTax: null
Type: AccountsPayable
UpdatedDateUtc: null
ValidationStatus: Ok
Warnings: null


Darren Lawrence  

If you are using the Invoices endpoint you will see references to CreditNotes where a CreditNote has been allocated against an Invoice.

This will only ever be a summary, to get full detail you will need to make the appropriate call to the CreditNotes endpoint.

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)