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"Error! Please refresh". Unable to regenerate application keys

Started by Easy Forms -   in Getting Started

Hi there,

I am trying to regenerate my application keys but every time an error appears "Error! Please refresh." (see screenshot: https://ibb.co/Wc93C20) The error message is unfortunately not very useful because refreshing doesn't do anything and it doesn't tell what the actual problem is.

For reference this is a private app which was working fine till the Xero account owner removed us (we developed the app) as a user.

Thereafter we get the error: "token_rejected (The access token has not been authorized, or has been revoked by the user)" when trying to push through invoices through our app to Xero.

Anyone with more insight? Help greatly appreciated.

Thank you

You mentioned that your access was removed by the account owner. Is this still the case?

If so then that explain the error when trying to regenerate the keys to reconnect the app. To be able to successfully regenerate the keys, you need to have access to the Xero account and as a Standard user.

If that is not an option then a new application has to be created under another user that has the Standard user role

Welli Abdullah (Xero Staff)