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XERO Integration Developer With GL knowledge

Started by Nada Rassam -   in Find a Developer

We're looking for a Xero developer to assist with integration with Xero into our own bespoke application.

Our application is a desktop application with a firebird backend. We have a current Integration Service that needs to be reviewed, developed in C# and .NET platform

We are primarily looking for:

1. Possibly "Connect to Xero" page and secure storage of OAuth token
2. Outbound Xero Contacts (Customers and Suppliers) to XERO Customers Entity
4. Outbound creation of Sales Invoices and Credit notes in Xero from our application
5. Outbound creation of debtor payments (invoice payments, prepayments, and overpayments) in XERO from our application
6. Outbound creation of daily banking in XERO from our application
7. Outbound creation of Purchase Invoices from our application
8. Outbound creation of Purchase Refunds from our application
9. Outbound creation of Journals from our application
9. Inbound creation of Sales Invoice Payments from XERO
10. Inbound creation of Customer Prepayments, and Overpayments from XERO
11. Inbound creation of Purchase Invoice Payments from XERO
12. Inbound creation of Purchase Invoice Overpayments from XERO

Experience in healthcare software is preferable.
Please get int ouch if you think you can help at all!
Hi Nada,

This sounds like something that Blackball Software can help you with. We're based in New Zealand and specialise in custom integrations. We work predominantly in the Microsoft Stack so can assist with your integration service too.

I'd like to understand more about your requirements and talk through how we can achieve each of the above processes for you. Feel free to email me at matthew@blackballsoftware.com and we can discuss further.

With thanks,



Matthew Taylor  

Hello Nada,

I have very recent experience developing Xero integrations in C#.
I have sent you a message to start the ball rolling.
I'm located in Sydney.

Hope to speak to you soon!


Joe Niland  

Hi Joe, thank you for getting in touch, can you please expand a little on the type of integration you've been involved in.

Nada Rassam  

Hi Nada,

Thanks for your reply.

The one I was referring to is a Xero Partner App which I built using ASP.NET MVC (with VB.NET as it was the client's requirement) as well as some supporting class libraries written in C#. At a high level the app allows retrieval of reports from Xero accounts. The app is essentially a JSON API which is called by my client's main web app. Other than the JSON API used, I implemented the landing page for Xero authorisation, secure storage of access tokens, user management and other required elements.

Another recent one was the automation of expense claim creation using a CSV data source. This one adds transactions to specified accounts, assigns tax codes, GST, and contacts; and then creates the actual expense claim ready for approval. I built this one in C# and the main UI is actually a Console app. However, the classes can be used from a desktop or web app.

If you'd like to talk in more detail, may I suggest email? You can reach me at joe@originalmind.com.au.

Thank you,

Joe Niland