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Client Code in XERO Tax

Started by Birendra Gupta -   in Getting Started

SUB: Client Code
I used various tax software and found XERO is most innovative and user friendly. One thing it is missing about auto generating Client code.
I am facing issue as below
1 I have many clients with same first name and last name.
2.Very hard to find out the exact client unless you remember the Tax file no.
3. Normally in XERO the document if you save come with client name. Unless you differentiate on the basis of TFN you cannot find. Very hard to remember the TFN
Other software has unique client code which by generated by software. Normally first 4 alfa of last name and the 4 numeric sequencelly. .
All documents you generate from other tax software has prefix client code. This way very easy to identify. If you have 5000 tax return in folder very easy to search by code rather than TFN

IF anyone have solution for this please confirm, Otherwise I will request developer to think on this And if they can do develop this.