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inventory integration

Started by Ben Spalding -   in Find a Developer


We have a client using our Inventory Pro OnLine (IPOL) www.cissltd.com application that manages about a million parts (give or take 100k). They would like to create a view in Xero to be able to select parts from our inventory application to add to orders/invoices in Xero.....

Our back end is MS SQL. We have web service calls that can be used - or can create a custom view etc......we just don't have any Xero experience

- Ben
Hi Ben,

Xero can't handle any more than a few thousand items/SKUs however we have plenty of options around customizing the creation of orders/invoices via the Xero API.

I'd like to know more about the clients workflow regarding where the order is originating from and the number of line items (products) each order would contain. Are you available for a call/Skype chat and I can give you some suggestions on how we might solve this for you?

You can email me at matthew@blackballsoftware.com



Matthew Taylor  

Hi Ben,

As Matt noted earlier you can't quite use the XERO API to push that many inventory items.

Is there a specific reason why the client is using XERO to generate these invoices? We tend to find that clients handling as many parts generally have more complex workflows in regards to order handling and eventually invoice generation.

If the client really doesn't want to move away from creating the invoices within the XERO Interface I would think that the only way to make this happen would be a custom browser plug-in/extension that would replace XERO's raw inventory search and pull up your inventory instead. It wouldn't be my preferred technical solution as if something changes within XERO it would have to be updated/maintained before it works again - risking some downtime in between updates.

Happy to talk about your challenge; feel free to drop me a line on jonathan@maze.digital



Jonathan Mifsud