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Multi-tiered sales commission system required

Started by John Oddy -   in Add-ons

My client has a medical assessment he licences to physicians such as physios and personal trainers. The physicians purchase credits for each assessment from his website and are invoiced £10 for each one.

If a physician refers an associate to the website to also purchase credits, then physician #1 receives 50% commission on each credit physician #2 purchases. If physician #2 refers #3, then physician #1 also receives 25% on #3. At that point the tier system ends, albeit of course that #2 is not entitled to 50% on #3.

Can anyone recommend an app, possibly CRM, that can automatically calculate the commission payments due?

Sincere thanks in advance for all contributions...
Hey John,

Have you tried https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/?
It seems they might have the functionality required for your client. Will also double check with our team if someone has any recommendations.

Kind regards,

Elena Stellarise  

Thanks Elena, I'll take a look at that...

John Oddy