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Someone build an API app to just import Stripe / Braintree data

Started by Michael Booker -   in Find a Developer

I run an online store in Shopify. I don't need or want to duplicate invoices into Xero - thats a waste of time. I just want to be able to reconcile our accounts without tedious excel CSV files.

All I want is to bring our stripe data in as a bank feed.
Same with Braintree sales
That way we can see PayPal money coming in, then settling into the business bank account. The Stripe money coming in and settling. The Braintree money doing the same. Gives total revenue and bank fees and shows the correct activity for BAS.

Xero is behind the times here. We sell online at a gross price, then once it lands in our bank it is net of fees charged by service providers.

Looking to automate everything.

Is anyone working on something for this?
Hey Michael,

Our app, PennyPipe, imports Stripe data as a bank transaction. Braintree is in the works, you can contact me at patrick@pennypipe.com if you'd like to get on the beta list for when it's ready.


PennyPipe Support  

Thanks Patrick, I saw your app. I just can't justify another $19-39 a month on top of $50 a month for an accounting platform, 1.75%-3% + 30c per transaction of fees, domain fees, Shopify fees etc. Its just crazy. All the "bolt-on" options in cloud software make it just insanely expensive. I loved the look of your platform, but can't justify yet another cost at this point, especially when Xero should do it natively.

Michael Booker  

I totally understand Michael, and yes Add-on fees do pile up really quickly. There are plenty of situations where the cost doesn't outweigh the time saved. I appreciate the compliment, and if our integration ever seems to be the right fit you can reach out to me directly.


PennyPipe Support  

Would love it if you did Braintree

Martha Hampton  

Any updates on this? Looking for Braintree bank feed that works the same as Paypal. Odd that Xero isn't taking this up since Paypal owns Braintree now...

Leslie Fournier  

Sussed. Using Freshbooks API to Xero. That gives a track / notification and then can match off when it settles into the company bank account.

Martha Hampton  

Thanks for you're reply Martha. Are you saying you go from Braintree to Freshbooks and then from Freshbooks to Xero? I have a woocommerce store that connects to Braintree for sales. My bank feed shows that settled amount from Braintree, which is different from the invoice due to fees. I need something to account for Braintree's fees.

Leslie Fournier  

I have connected via API
Freshbooks to Xero
Freshbooks to Braintree
Zapier (Braintree) to Xero

Resulting in notification when I get a payment via Braintree and recorded as unreconciled in Xero automatically. Once (2 days later) it hits my bank account Xero to Bank it allows me to match off and reconcile the two.

Martha Hampton