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Looking for bi-directional integration developer

Started by Development Team -   in Find a Developer

Hi there,

we're looking for a Xero developer to assist with integration with Xero into our own bespoke application.

Our application runs on C# MVC5 on Azure.

We are primarily looking for:

1. "Connect to Xero" page and secure storage of OAuth token
2. Inbound Xero Contacts (Customers) to our Customers Entity
3. Inbound Xero Product to our Products Entity
4. Outbound creation of a Sales Invoice in Xero using data from (2) and (3) from our application

UK-based and budget available. Please get int ouch if you think you can help at all!
Hey team,

We are Certified Xero Developers based in UK and Hungary and that's definitely something we could help you with, as we've been working with similar projects.
Please don't hesitate to contact me directly on jelena@stellarise.com with your detailed requirements or to arrange a no-obligation conference call to discuss that in details and find a proper working solution for you.

Thank you and have a wonderful day on your side!

Elena Stellarise  


This is something we can help you with. Blackball Software is based in New Zealand and specialise in bespoke integrations. We work in the Microsoft stack so working with your existing MVC app is great for us.

Happy to talk through some further requirements with you and can propose a how we would deliver a solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Matthew Taylor
Blackball Software

Matthew Taylor  

Hi; we could possibly help depending on the technology stack and/or how data is being accessed from within Azure / the Microsoft stack. Generally speaking we prefer to not delve in to another developer's work where possible as we know plenty of developers may be sensitive with that. Hence we look to augment what you may have and technically segregating the XERO Integration from your core application without sacrificing the user experience. Feel free to reach out on start@maze.digital or visit our website.

Jonathan Mifsud