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CIS subcontractor invoices

Started by Jason Raikes -   in API Endpoints

I am developing a tool to allow input of self-billing invoices fr CIS subcontractors.

I had assumed that I need to post to the CIS accounts (CIS Labour Expense & CIS Materials Purchased) and Xero will automatically look after the CIS deductions.

However, when I call createInvoice I get:

"Message": "This organisation has Construction Industry Scheme enabled. The account code 321 cannot be used in line items via the API"

I know the error message id fairly self explanatory but can someone please advise how to post such an invoice?

For example the invoice is for £1,000 of labour. The double entry should be (assuming no VAT):
- Debit cost of sales £1,000.
- Credit purchase ledger £800.
- Credit CIS control account £200.
Hi Jason,

Sorry to say, but CIS invoices cannot be created through the API at this time.



Steven Brown (Xero Staff)