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Calling and displaying a xero report on a website or in jira

Started by White Linen -   in Getting Started

Hello! Thanks for reading. I'm trying to figure out if I can find a way to display a xero report on my website. Ideally I would like to hit a "generate report" and have it make a call, get data, and display it. I don't mind if it's in excel or google sheets format as a first cut. What API calls are available, if any? I don't see any. Would I be able to develop this using the sdk?
Hi White Linen, what kind of reports are you after? With the API you can retrieve common reports. If those reports are not sufficient you can also build your own reports using other APIs available by collecting the data you'd like to report on and gathering it together.

Hence you should be able to do it with the SDK; we've done so in the past. If you feel that this is out of your hands from technical expertise we'd be happy to help.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Great! Thanks. Have you been able to make a call to xero from a website to bring up a custom report, say account transactions? Can you display them in jira? Thanks!! I might very well want to talk to you about development as well.

White Linen  

Displaying them in JIRA not too sure; I haven't played that much with JIRA's API as we use another tool internally. However we have integrated with websites to pull up balances/transactions and pending invoices amongst other things.

For JIRA you might need a middleware plugin which either links to the XERO Report; or otherwise generates the report you want and attaches the report you need to JIRA as a file.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Yes I haven't seen anyone displaying reports in jira, however it must be possible. Jira can display Google sheets with a gadget plugin.

Do you think you could display reports on a website? That seems like it wouldn't be that hard. But don't see many hooks into the reports. Just invoices, etc.

White Linen  

Yes you'd have to build a custom plugin for JIRA I'd expect to be able to show it.

Are you looking to show customer balances on tickets in JIRA? or is this something more complex?

We always say it isn't that hard but nearly always ends up taking you longer than expected when trying something new. There is some basic reports but they are limited to what XERO Offers happy to discuss this further if you'd like.

Jonathan Mifsud  

Sure, even basic reports may be fine. But I doubt they would break up data the way I need. And for sure no graphs. You can email me at rentalhost1000 at gmail

White Linen  

No not balances from tickets. I would like to display the profit per month by each tracking list item. For example total profit per building.

White Linen