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Hmm... we didn't recognise that application.

Started by albert drent -   in Wrapper libraries

I found several messages regarding 'Hmm... we didn't recognise that application.' on this forum. It is written that it has to do with TLS and one should upgrade to 1.2
My issue is that my connection is already tls1.2, at least when I look at the SSL security certificate the web browser tells me that the connection is tls 1.2. So I don't know what to do here.
My application is running well on my development system.
I tried two different hosts with the same message (virtual windows 2008 server and linux)

To be sure I used a program to verify my TLS version used by php. It's reporting version 1.2. So this cannot be the reason for the above message. I get a https://app.xero.com/oauth/APIAuthorise?oauth_token=
message, in my dev env. I get a token.

albert drent