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Connect Xero WITHOUT Consumer Key & Consumer Secret

Started by Gede Mahendra -   in API Authentication

Hi guys,

My company develop web-apps and connect with Xero. Our team already develop public and private apps to prove that my web-apps can get data from Xero. We use the consumer key and consumer secret to make the connection. It's work fine at the moment.

A month ago, my boss find web-apps call Fathom and it can connect with Xero without registered apps as a public or private apps. It just click the "Connect Xero" button and provide the Xero username and password and just connect. Fathom can import data from Xero nicely.

My question : Is any way to connect with Xero without provide any Consumer Key & Secret?Or maybe that we can provide only Xero username & password on login page and make it connect?

Any answer will appreciate guys :)


Official Xero Reply
Hi there Gede,

Fathom are part of our partner program - https://developer.xero.com/partner/app-partner-program.

The integration for Partners works similar to Public apps with the one major benefit of users not needing to re-authorise the app every 30min.

I hope that helps :)

Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)