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Account code '120' is not a valid code for this document.

Started by Anh Tai Tran -   in Wrapper libraries

Hello, my name is Frank.

I would like to have question about pushing invoice to Xero. Currently i got following error:
`Account code '120' is not a valid code for this document.`
I mapped to 120-Account receivable in Xero in order to push invoice there.
Account type is Current Liability.
Tax Exempt (0%).

So could you guys please tell me why i got this error ?
Thanks for reading!
Hi Frank,

When you perform GET accounts, do you see this 120 - Account Receivable in there? The error suggests that the account does not existing.

You will also need to pay attention to the <SystemAccount> element in our response, if there is a value in there, it meant the account is used by Xero for internal functions and you cannot post transactions to them.


Jenks Guo (Xero Staff)