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[Help] Unable Push Invoice data via Private API use .NET

Started by Chien Ho -   in Find a Developer

I'm use Private Xero API to push invoices to Xero
public bool CreateInvoice(XeroInvoiceModel model)
var invoice = model.ToInvoice(_settings.ContactName);
var result = _api.Invoices.CreatedByMyApp().Create(invoice);

return result != null;

Result response "true" but new invoice does not show on "Invoices Management"
but i use Xero API preview and check Invoice Number create above then it show data.

How to push invoice via API use private my app with "Organisation" selected to Invoices List?

Hi Chien, unfortunately we don't use .net so I can't help much the SDK is likely to have more information.

Are you using a public or private app integration? In a public method you may be sending data to the wrong organisation.

Jonathan Mifsud