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Batch updating of tracking categories

Started by Tomislav Gudlek -   in Wrapper libraries


We're revamped our accounting process and are trying to migrate to new new tracking categories.
We've exported all of the invoices and semi-automatically assigned them these new tracking categories.

Now that we have all this information in a spreadsheet, we'd like to push it back to Xero so we can continue using them. What would be the best way of doing that?

As far as I can see looking at the API documentation, we could just fetch all the invoices through the Invoices endpoint, change the appropriate tracking categories, and POST the changes back to Xero. I'm a bit reluctant to push the whole data object back and hope Xero will infer the changes that need to happen on its own. Is there a way that I can make sure I don't introduce other data issues (datetimes, specials chars) that might arise?

I was previously using pyxero, but that might not be the best tool for the job since I'm unable to find POST support. Is there a wrapping library that might suit this purpose better? Since this is a one-time task we're pretty much language-agnostic.
Please excuse the delayed response. How many Invoices are we talking about?

The reason I ask is that Xero has a built in tool that allows you to make bulk changes to Tracking Categories. You may find it more efficient to use that - in place of building an app for a single job. The tool is called Find and Recode, I've included the link below:
Find and Recode

Robin Blackstone (Community Manager)