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Started by Mark Surman -   in Find a Developer

We were having problems with xero for quite some time now and desperately need some help. To start with, our first problem only involves security patch upgrades and public token issues which was already being resolved by another developer way back in August by upgrading the security system to use TLS 1.2 and fixes which resolves public token issues. Another problem came up with renewing/replacing public token after 30 minutes that it keeps redirecting endlessly between the xero auth page and our system, so I did fix the issue surrounding the public token renewal. We were using XeroAPI.net when doing these fixes. Here’s the link: https://github.com/XeroAPI/XeroAPI.Net
But then, during the month of November we started encountering yet another problem which throws an exception: “The value cannot be null”. We visited one of the xero developer forums that encountered similar problems such as ours so we go ahead and visited the link right here: https://community.xero.com/developer/discussion/89107224
So, following the instructions on the thread on the link led me to upgrade the API to its latest version (https://www.nuget.org/packages/XeroAPI.Net/ But still is giving us the error “The value cannot be null”.
We have left with no choice but to migrate in using the latest version of Xero API to see if this finally fixes the problem. Here’s the link for the latest API: https://github.com/XeroAPI/Xero-Net
It took us a couple of days to finish the integration of this latest API. But when we do, it now introduces a lot of new errors such as validation in emails, account/invoice numbers, and other validations that is not present in the old API. We fixed those validation errors, but then there are times it still introduces us some validation errors still. There are times the new API integration rejects the public token authentication, does not sync well, and still introduces the issue “the value cannot be null” randomly.
I hope someone can shed some light on our issue. We’ve been tirelessly making some effort the past few months but the issue keeps coming back. We encountered these issues starting when the time that Xero forces us to upgrade our security to TLS 1.2. Starting from that, it’s acting up.
Hi Mark,

There seem to be a few things in this post that I want to try separate and address individually. My hope is that one of the items is potentially having a knock-on effect causing the other problems.

1. TLS upgrade: At the same time we started enforcing TLS 1.2, we also started using Akamai. We had a few problems with Akamai initially and we seem to have worked through those problems. The easiest way to identify whether this is a TLS issue or an Akamai issue is to check the response body from the API.

A TLS exception would result in a HTTP 412 response containing a response body explaining that the request did not meet the TLS requirement.

An example of an Akamai rejection is a response body containing an error code that looks like this: "#18.2ca3c129.1496173476.29135c5a" If you encounter one of these, please send it through to us using the Support Form - https://developer.xero.com/contact-xero-developer-platform-support/

2. When encountering the "The value cannot be null error" that was being returned, was there any other information on the response? To ensure the privacy of any information contained on the response, please don't post the whole response here, I would be keen to know whether this is returned as a HTTP 403, 400 or 500 response. I would also be keen to know whether the response body contains an error code that looks like the Akamai error code mentioned above.

3. As for the validation errors that you are encountering, are these validations that are documented or are you encountering validation information that is undocumented? Could you give us an example of one of the validation errors you are encountering?



Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)  

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