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Reconciling recurring invoices from Stripe subscriptions

Started by David Zeidman -   in Getting Started

We have customers who pay one off invoices via Stripe and this works really well. The whole native Xero/Stripe integration feeds through the payments and fees into Xero linking them both so that they appear together during reconciliation.

We also have customers who have a recurring monthly subscription. I wrote a customisation that is triggered when the Stripe webhook payment event is fired. I generate a fee payment to Stripe in Xero (I am adding a spend transaction from our main bank account to a Stripe contact). The problem with this is that the recurring invoice is for the full amount. The money comes into our bank from Stripe less the fee. Determining which is the corresponding invoice is not always easy. I then have to pick out the previously created fee and then there is a reconcilable match.

Does anybody have a suggestion of how I can make it easier to reconcile? Is there a way of adding the actual receipt of payment to Xero before reconciliation so that it is there during reconciliation? Which endpoints would I use?

I saw this unanswered question which is similar to mine (but didn't want to hijack it)


Just wondering if there were any Xero devs reading this? (Your support page says that you do!).

Ideally I would like to be able to associate a banks spend transaction for the fee with a specific invoice so that when it comes to reconciliation Xero knows that the payment and the bank spend are connected in order to reconcile the amount from the bank.

This is what Xero does with invoices paid via Stripe. Is it possible to do the same thing via the API?


David Zeidman