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Partner Application example with ASP

Started by AutoIntegrity Ltd -   in Partner Program

Hi guys,
Our Xero application has been upgraded to Xero Partner (ticket number 350622) but we don't know how to add the certificates so that it will work.
Could you please provide some example project in ASP (VBScript) similar to this one in PHP:
(The Partner Application has been set up and run just fine with the above PHP project, but we need
it run in ASP)
In ASP we're using Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 to handle the connections.
Can anyone help me please.
I've been googling a lot but looks like no one has done it in ASP yet.

AutoIntegrity Ltd  


We do have an instruction on installing the SSL certificate on an IIS based server which hopefully can help you.

I'll email you the details.

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  

Welli, We are having similar issues with our publishing to our live app, could you send me the details also please.



Steve Fewster  

Hi Steve,

I put the doc on Google Drive.


W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  

Document which you shared on drive says there should be 3 certificates. I am getting only 2. can you please elaborate on certification generation like which .ext file (other than .pfx) should we import

Nilesh Garg