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Started by Sarah Thelwall -   in Find a Developer

Who are MyCake and what do we do?
MyCake run a financial benchmarking service in the charity sector. We acquire annual accounts data from two sources:
1. year end accounts published to the Charity Commission and input manually from a pdf to a data form
2. book-keeping data via API’s from SAAS accounting software
As of 2018 MyCake has access to Kashflow’s API and has a reseller arrangement through which we offer a white label version to customers in the Cultural, Creative and Charity sectors
We wish to extend our coverage of SAAS accounting software providers to include Xero and are thus looking for a developer with knowledge of Xero to work with us on a freelance basis for the duration of this project.

What are the key outputs from the project?
To achieve approval from Xero to use their API to pull in transaction level data from Xero user accounts into a MyCake Sql Server database. Each Xero user we work with is to give their approval for the data to be brought into the dataset. To do this we require the following:
1. Approval from Xero to use their API to pull in transaction level data from Xero user accounts into a MyCake Sql Server database
2. A user interface for the Xero user to give their approval to bring in their data on a regular basis.
3. An overnight job that will bring in their data to a MyCake Sql Server database without requiring interaction from the user.

It should be written in ASP.Net preferably VB.Net.
Documentation to accompany the coding is important. All outputs of the project to be owned by MyCake ltd including all new IP and with ongoing access to extant IP to be contained within any user fees paid by Xero users.
All user data from Xero accounts holders will continue to be owned by the Xero user with clearly stated rights for MyCake to hold data and publish aggregated data (only) as per our standard terms & conditions, privacy policy and GDPR compliance.

We have a budget for this! Details to be discussed.
Hi Sarah,
I have gone through your post and we just recently completed similar kind of work using XERO API to populate data in excel as well saving same in MYSQL database. Code is written in C# and same can be extended to create and auditing/approval app layer in between xero and DB.

we can connect over skype, my id is technoguy86 ( demo might give you a clarity).

My email id is: himanshu.jain@outlook.com

Himanshu Jain

Himanshu Jain  

Hi Sarah,

Are you still looking for assistance with this? Blackball Software are based in New Zealand and specialise in systems integrations like what you're describing.

We predominantly work in the Microsoft stack so please feel free to get in touch!

Matthew Taylor
Blackball Software

Matthew Taylor