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Update existing app to interface with Xero

Started by David Rowley -   in Find a Developer

Several years ago I wrote an app in C# to take a CSV file of employee time records and inject it into Quickbooks as TimeSheet records using their qbXML interface. I now have a client who would like the same feature but with Xero. The idea would be to take my existing app and replace the calls to the qb libraries and replace them with calls to Xero's interface. The software injects payroll items and mileage claims into the employee's payslip for the period.
Hi David!
There's a C# library. If you coded the original it should be pretty straight forward to migrate to Xero (assuming it's a single user, single Xero org app)

Stu Hawkins  

Hi David

As Stu said, you could do this yourself. If you'd like someone else to do it for you, drop me a line. We have plenty of experience connecting systems with Xero and we'll be able to give you a quote very quickly after seeing your code.

James Hadley
+44 800 292 6474

James Hadley  

Thank you both for your prompt response.

James, I will contact you directly to discuss further.



David Rowley