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Insightly and ContactNumber

Started by Sam Meredith -   in Add-ons

I am attempting to integrate an in-house system with both Xero and Insightly.

I am using the Xero add-on for Insightly which allows contacts to be added to Xero from Insightly automatically. This add-on appears to set the ContactNumber field, but I can't find exactly how.
The format is xxxxxx-yyy-zzzzzzzzz where z is Insightly's Contact ID field, y is either CON for an Insightly contact or ORG for an Insightly organisation. x seems to be always the same and looks like some kind of account or application number.
Does anyone know exactly what the x part of the ContactNumber is? Is it always the same?

Secondly, can an API call use ContactNumber as a filter? My attempts are just returning the full contact list without ContactNumber being present in the response.
Hi there,

You can definitely filter your search by Contact Number - you just need to supply the Contact Number at the end of your GET url - e.g. for Contact Number '123', use url https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/contacts/123

As you probably know, the setting of the contact number for those contacts will be determined via the Insightly integration - if you don't get an answer here, the Insightly folks themselves will be best placed to answer how the number format is determined.

Kind regards,


Russell Dear (Xero Staff)