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Add-on Review Responses

Started by Regan Ashworth (Community Manager) -   in Partner Program

Thanks to some hard work from our self-service team we’re happy to announce that add-on partners can now be granted the ability to respond to reviews on our community site in a clean and easy way!

Once you have been granted access to this new ability a selected person within your organisation can add multiple responses to reviews without having to add a star rating for your product at the same time.

Here are some general tips for responding to reviews:

- Subscribe to your add-on review page so you can respond quickly
- Include your logo in your profile picture
- Let the user know who you are
- Be nice! :-)
- Keep it short and to the point
- Try to talk to the customer directly before replying to their review
- Don’t try to start a conversation here. Users still won’t be able to respond to your response
- Respond to positive reviews as well as negative ones!

If you want access to this new functionality now then fill out this form. We recommend granting access to this functionality to your Community Manager or someone responsible for PR and Social Media within your organisation. Before we can grant you the ability to respond you’ll need a Xero login (you can sign up here) and you’ll need to have accessed our community site.

If you’ve got any questions about responding to reviews or setting up access to the ability ping us on api@xero.com and we’ll get in touch with you.

Following Regan's suggestion of including your logo as your profile picture, you may want to create a new xero user just for this purpose so that it can have a unique "personality" (and photo & name) from you!

Peter McCarroll  

Is there still an option for replying to reviews? I've just had our first two reviews added by customers and wanted to follow this advice by replying to them, but I can't find any "reply" option. On a "report" link.

Josh Moore