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How to - Multiple invoices per user, invoice in instalments

Started by Tarek Ayoub -   in Partner Program

How to schedule multiple invoices per user e.g. In our recruitment software a user can generate an invoice in Xero to bill one of their clients.

However, I would like to know if the same user can schedule multiple invoices to go out to their client in installments (20% today, 20% in a week, 30% in a month etc). Is this possible with Xero API? if so, could you please lead me to the correct documentation
Hi Tarek,

Are you looking to generate multiple invoices at one go n send them periodically?

Zanesoft IT Solutions  

No, so I'm looking to create multiple invoices for one payment. However, I'd like the payment amount to be apportioned over a number of installments.

I guess the problem with generating multiple invoices in one go (even if they are installments of the one payment) is they would all have the same creation and due dates, which shouldn't be the case.

I think the best solution would be to develop this logic/feature within our software and automatically push invoices in installments for Xero to create under similar naming conventions e.g INV-001-1, INV-001-2 etc. Our users will then be able to see all invoices sent to a client of theirs and track when others will be due

Tarek Ayoub  

You can use the PrePayment feature then e.g. Add a payment of amount $1000 and apply to 5 invoices having $200 to each.

Zanesoft IT Solutions  

Hmmm, the thing is these are not technically a "Prepayment". Instead, they are actually a payment term (Contingency invoicing).

So as an example - if a recruiter makes a deal with one of their clients to get paid 50% at the beginning of the engagement, then 20% in one month, then the remaining 30% once a candidate has been placed.

The way I thought about it is - if we can push their candidate data to Xero and set it up in a way where our users (recruiters) can select "Contingency or installments" option when creating an invoice. I doubt that would be possible though.

I think my solution of creating this logic within our software would be the best option. That way we could utilize it with other accounting solutions too.

I actually had another query relating to pushing data from our software to Xero for invoicing purposes - Currently, we have a Xero integration that helps our user create invoices by pushing their candidate data to Xero.

This works fine if the recruiter mostly recruits permanent staff (because they can invoice their clients for finding the candidate and their client will take care of paying the new permanent staff member). This is currently how our Xero integration works.

However, if they specialize in recruiting Temp staff, this wouldn't really work because, with Temp staff, most times the recruiter pays the candidate directly and actually invoices their client for time submitted by the Temp staff.

So essentially, the Temp staff member would submit their time on either our timesheet module in our software or another timesheet software, then the recruiter (or their client) approves the timesheet and the recruiter then invoices their client for this time.

When they invoice their client for Temp staff time, it would be good to attach the timesheets in the invoices sent - does this make sense?

My specific questions for this process is as follows:
- Can we send the timesheet data from our own software to Xero? and can Xero attach these timesheets as part of an invoice?
- Can we send timesheet data from other timesheet providers (if they are intergated with Xero) and populate this data into invoices?
- After exporting timesheet data to Xero, can our users then run payroll through Xero using the timesheet data?

Thanks a lot for your time by the way, I appreciate your help :)

Tarek Ayoub