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WANTED- Special Requirements for Invoice

Started by Brisbane Enterprises -   in Find a Developer

We've designed our invoices, as word document but our accountant says creating our invoices is beyond him.

More complex requests may await.

Please email acdesk.rrr@gmail.com
Hi Exo

Just sent you an email now.

Nathan Dunn  

Hi can you help me to implement xero invoice implementation??

Sumit Patel  

Hi Sumit

Definitely can help, please send me an email, nathan at 3bit.com


Nathan Dunn  

Hi both, spotted your exchange. I am an Accountant and not a programmer and was searching around for a way of adding a formula in to an exported word template that I could then import back in. I am not an expert at using formula in word (2003) but understand the basics. I basically want to total a column of invoices and payments by editing the statement proforma. Any tips would be gratefully received. Many thanks, James

James Hayes