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Quotes Available via API?

Started by Anne H Maxwell -   in API Endpoints

I have noticed that Xero now has Quotes.

However, I do not see a Quotes API call.

Is this available?
If so, where is the documentation?
If not, when will it be available?

We are using the PHP library.

Quotes is a brand new feature so unfortunately not exposed yet via Xero API.

It is being planned but we are unable to provide an exact time frame

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  


We also need to add quotes using the API. This is particularly important as a quote often needs to be sent to an insurance company with the excess paid and linked to the quote.

Thanks in advance,

Damian Kennedy  

We love the quotes but also need to generate them via API and would love to have this capability as soon as possible! We use ActiveCollab (project collaboration) to build the individual tasks (line items) that go into our quotes because it allows us to collaboratively populate time estimates, attach links and descriptions for each task.

Once a Quote is approved by the client we can then mark tasks as active, assign team members and begin working without duplicating any data.

The API connectivity with Xero Quotes would streamline this and save a great deal of time!

Benjamin De Pauw  

When can we expect this feature?

djordje bakic  

Quotes looking good. however, I'll add my name to this requestt!

We would love to use the quotes function in Xero if it has facility to allow quotes to be created via the API.

Also noting that a dashboard for quotes would be awesome, so it's possible to see when quotes have been viewed, etc without having to drill down to individual quotes.

Last, when I get a comment from a customer via email, a link in the email to that quote would enable me to respond more easily. :)

Alex French  

We also need this API!
Since January this post is open...

Kevin Neveu  

Trial customer here. Loving the Quotes features very much -- especially because it allows customers to approve directly from their email, which Intuit doesn't support yet. I wish the same feature were also available via the API. I would've upgraded immediately.

Ed Tucker  

How long before available..???

Would be extremely useful from exsalerate to WFM...

lucy wood  

+1 Quotes API would be extremely useful to us

Theo Paraskevopoulos  

+1. This will allow us to integrate our quoting system with tickets and projects that we manage in Zendesk.

Ian McInnes  

We're trialling Exsalerate CRM and would like to have our Xero quotes link into it, what is the latest on this feature, when can we expect it?

Lani Hathaway  

We are a new Xero business user, and new to these community forums. I see that this topic -- a request for API support for Quotes -- was opened January 24, 2015. There was one response from Xero on January 25, 2015 -- nothing since. It's now January 23, 2016 -- one YEAR later -- and users have been asking for this, nearly every month, throughout the year. No response. Is this the way Xero normally operates?

Daniel Fylstra  

We are wondering about the progress on this also?

Michelle Kempe  

As far as I can see, Xero is ignoring this forum. You can try https://xero.uservoice.com/forums/5528-xero-accounting-api/filters/top, where "Quotes via the API" is currently the 9th-ranked most requested feature. However, it appears they are equally slow to respond on the 8 higher ranked features.

Daniel Fylstra  

Would like to add a quote. However would also just like the ability to populate the xero web interface quote form with a GET request from our web application. Is this possible? Ie: http://www.xero.com/quotes?customer_name?reference?amount?etc?etc

Daniel Bird  

Since XERO is now removing their freshbooks integration we will badly need this API for quotes. We used freshbooks mainly to automate administration with freshbooks estimate statuses. XERO does not allow us to call quotes or statuses within their API. Please help.

Go Fleet Accounting  

Another vote for quotes API urgently please!

Andrew Reed  

Need this feature desperately!! Any news?

Michelle Kempe  

Again I'm afraid that Xero is ignoring this forum, as I posted nearly 8 months ago. At https://xero.uservoice.com/forums/5528-xero-accounting-api/filters/top, "Quotes via the API" is now the 6th-ranked most requested feature. But Xero has written "We know there is heaps of demand for a Quotes endpoint, but the team is currently focused on some bigger features like webhooks and a new developer portal." Only the top two features are shown as "Planned". End-user enhancements to accounting and payroll appear to be proceeding at the same glacial pace. I don't really understand why a 1300-person firm can't get more done faster ... but there it is.

Daniel Fylstra  

I too would like to see this

Alun Rowe  

+ 1 For Quotes Endpoint...Like NOW :)

Phillip Wesley-Brown  

+1 Still waiting....

Claire Turner  

Yes, would really want this feature in!

Ivan Landen  

Hi, our clients would benefit greatly if Quotes could be pushed into Xero via the API.

Fritz Grobbelaar  

Please we also need it to interface our app with Xero. It would be amazing !!!!

Emanuele Nicolella  

Any news on this feature? Over 3 years has passed...
Quotes is useless to me without API. Im sure I'm not the only one?

Michelle Kempe  

+1 We really need this! Quotes are the interface between accounts and the stuff that we actually do. Just being able to automate task creation in another platform on accepted quotes would save all sorts of hassle every single day. We can already access lots of other things via the API. Why not quotes? Is this a strategic decision by Xero? I don't see another Xero product that would be harmed by adding quotes to the API.

Ian McInnes  

You might as well give up. Xero is multiple *years* behind on their own estimates for example for Webhooks, and further years behind customer requests, whether for basic API features like this one (we asked for quote API support years ago), or even for basics such as 50-state U.S. payroll support. As far as I can tell, Xero has a well-meaning developer support group, but they evidently get little or no budget/priority/support from the management running this billion-dollar company, which appears to have utter disregard for its customers.

Daniel Fylstra  

Very well said @Daniel Fylstra.

This is a core problem of all SaaS. Now what do we do? Migrate to another service, that is worse? Yes, free market and stuff, but I think what Xero does is unethical --basically underserving is usually unethical in free market.

Oytun Tez  

Has Xero Stopped responding to the post completely?

I would love to see this happen also.

Troy Gow  

RIP Xero customer support

Heath Garvey  

I actually have 21/01/2015 in my calendar as birthday of this request. Happy 4th birthday!! xx

Michelle Kempe  

It's insane, guys this is a world wide feature EVERYONE needs !!! come on !!

Emanuele Nicolella  

Happy 4th thread anniversary everyone. See you all next year.

Ian McInnes  

Finally. The feature has been implemented and works perfectly. :-)

Oh, wait. Happy April Fool's Day!

Benjamin De Pauw  

Bumping this...

Charles Hewitt  

Hi All,

Is there any update on Quote API using xero sdk?

Adam Korngold  

Hi Adam.

We are currently in the process of updating the SDK to include Quotes so expect an update soon.

Daniel Reed (Xero Staff)