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Xero Google Scripts Authentication with parameters

Started by Danyal Khan -   in API Authentication

I am using a google script to get a profit and loss report and I am able to get the report with the oauth authentication using this as the url:

However, when I add a parameter like:

The response that I get is:

Can anyone please help with this.
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Just in case someone comes back here.

The solution that worked for me is to encode the parameter in the signature base:

var signatureBase = "GET" + "&" + encodeURIComponent(URL) + "&" + encodeURIComponent("oauth_consumer_key=" + CONSUMER_KEY + "&oauth_nonce=" + oauth_nonce + "&oauth_signature_method=RSA-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=" + oauth_timestamp + "&oauth_token=" + CONSUMER_KEY + "&oauth_version=1.0" + '&trackingCategoryID=abc123&trackingOptionID=123abc');

And also add it to the fetch url:

UrlFetchApp.fetch(URL + '?trackingCategoryID=abc123&trackingOptionID=123abc', options);

This should work for other parameters as well.

Danyal Khan