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Partner Program Requirements Clarification - not to exceed 20 organiszations

Started by Charles Wang -   in Partner Program

Reading the requirements to become an App Partner, it states
Number of Xero customers on-boarded to the integration may not exceed 20 organisations

Is it supposed to say the opposite, meaning I must sign up 20 organizations before being approved as a partner application?

I would like to start the process of becoming a partner application right away but haven't received a response. So the plan is to link my application using the public access first and then hopefully get approved for partner application later.

But I don't want to sign up over 20 clients and then disqualify me from becoming a partner application.
Hi Charles,
You can have up to 20 customers testing an integration you wish to market as a certified Xero Partner App. You should mark the integration as in "beta" until certification is complete with a Xero Developer Evangelist. You are also free to use the Public App according to our terms and conditions without pursuing a Partner App and/or a listing in the Xero App Marketplace.

Kody OConnell (Xero Staff)