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Custom Braintree and Xero App - Seeking Developers

Started by Glenn Lockwood -   in Find a Developer

Hi all,

We've decided to hire an expert Xero developer for a Private Application.

All the details are on this post here.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you
Hey Glenn, thanks for posting! I notice this is for your SAAS app - are you planning to use a private connection for multiple users across multiple xero orgs from within your app? This could have potential scaling issues - private connections work best on a single org.

Feel free to reach out to discuss further - stu@redwrc.systems

And of course - someone may have figured out a genius way to make this work :)


Stu Hawkins  

Hello Glenn,

This looks like something we could help with. It looks to me as though this would work on a private basis because, although it's a SaaS product you sell, it's only intended to manage the payments and reconciliation for billing of your own organisation's product, is that correct? i.e. you won't be providing this Braintree/reconciliation product as a service?

You can get in touch with us on lewis@coreblue.co.uk or call +441752 875666 and we can see if it makes sense to talk further?



Lewis Boyles-White  

Hi Glenn

We are a Xero Development Partner and have plenty of experience creating bespoke integrations. We also have plenty of experience working with the Braintree API. Creating an application to download settlement reports and input the correct transactions in Xero is trivial and definitely something that we can help with.

As regards off the shelf solutions, there are plenty of subscription management apps, many of which have Xero integrations. However, they tend to be quite expensive and as your company grows, they will take a larger % of the pie. Check our Recurly and Chargify as examples.

James Hadley
Coherent Software
+44 800 292 6474

James Hadley  


Did anything ever come of this as we are moving our BigCommerce store over to Braintree as they offer the 3D Secure payments that will apparently be required from September. We currently use Stripe and have been waiting years for Xero to come up with a solution but have had to use Silver Siphon in the meantime. Struggling to find a similar service for Braintree though? Thanks - Steve

Steve Milham