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Populating Bank Account Name on a Contact Via API

Started by Fara Torabi -   in API Endpoints

We are trying to Post a contact to Xero API . We need to populate the Bank Account Name and Number . in the documentation we can see which field to use to populate Bank Account Number but not Name


Can you please advise which field to use to populate Bank Account Name field ?

Hi Fara,

Thank you for getting in touch. At the moment, you can only add bank account number to contact via API using BankAccountDetails field. Rest of the batch payment details like bank account name and code can only be retrieved.


Samitha N (Xero Staff)  


We wish to update (populate) Bank Account Name through API too.
Is there any plan to change the Contacts API to support it?

Neko Yano  


Anyone got the idea how we can add Bank Acocunt Name on Contact via API?

bhavik valand  

Hi, Same issue. We need to add Bank Account Name on Contact via API. IS this going to be available soon?

Ash Rosshandler  

Hi Any update on this?

Mitch Impey  

Would also appreciate some sort of an update on this - it's been 3.5 years since this was posted. Little bit ridiculous that we can't use the api to insert all the fields into a contact correctly.

Simon Davies  

Any update here?

Philipp Reichardt