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Basic App to publish invoices to Xero

Started by Thomas Evans -   in Find a Developer

Hi, I need a simple console app or something to run on my windows server to send invoices, contacts etc to a couple of Xero accounts. Don't have time to nut out myself. Hoping someone can help me out and provide a quote? thomas@sourceit.co.nz Cheers.
Hi Thomas

Just sent you an email.


Nathan Dunn  

Would you mind to send me the same application by email please?
Thanks a lot.

Sergey Amelin  

Hi Sergey

Flick me an email - nathan at 3bit.com


Nathan Dunn  


I am able to add invoice in xero but i can not able to add invoice in xero with paid status.

Can you please help me for above?
My email id is : jugni1smile@gmail.com

Jagruti Sangani  

Hey guys is there a way I can integrate my Invoice2go app invoices into Xero, also I am thinking of using square reader for card payments, can this also be linked with xero

luke mannell