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exporting certain invoice fields into Excel template

Started by Craig Ruland -   in Add-ons

Hi All
We are new to Xero. We operate a Gas delivery business and would like to export the following invoice fields into a Excel template i have.
Inv #
Customer Name
Customer delivery Address
Invoice amount.

We have looked in the reports in Xero but cant seem to find what we want. I have a Dangerous goods declaration Template I use which i manually enter all data i need. Time consuming...
Hello Craig,

We have Google sheet integration with Xero where you can export the raw data including invoices and customize the fields that you want to get.


Google has ability to generate Excel format file from Google Sheets (File->Download as->Microsoft Excel)


Andrey Kustarnikov  

Hi Craig,
I develop the Excel Integration Tools for Xero. My addon lets you access data directly from Xero to build and automate any kind of report you want.
You can download a 14 day free trial here: http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/addons/excel-integration-tools/

Read the reviews here: https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/275

Ruairi M  

Hi Craig,

EntryRocket can do exactly what you need.

We can export data from your Xero account, save it into an Excel template and deliver it to your email daily/weekly/monthly or on your request for selected date range.

Feel free to stop by our website to learn more about EntryRocket. Also, feel free to get in touch with us in case you have more questions.

Kind regards,

EntryRocket - Automating import of your CSV, Excel, XML, PDF and other files into Xero

Vlad Golusin  

I am having the issue on printing the excel file of the invoice as it is not getting printed and the thing is that it is showing Epson error code 031008 and I am not being able to have the access to that.

rayman star