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WooCommerce integration not creating invoices for cash on delivery payment option

Started by Natalie Rowney -   in Add-ons

Hello, hoping someone can help. We have the Woocommerce integration set up with our website, but for orders where the customer chooses "Cash on delivery", no invoice is being generated. Can someone please advice on this? It would actually be the option we need an invoice automatically generated, as they will need that to make the payment.
You can try using this no-code automation platform, Automate.io, to connect WooCommerce and Xero. This integration lets you generate invoices automatically based on orders and customer data. It will sync your WooCommerce and Xero. Infact you can set up workflows to create new bills for new orders. So I think your cash on delivery problem may be solved.
Let me know if it helps.

Mark Baner