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test and create a webhook

Started by Jade Cimafranca -   in Getting Started


I just created an account in xero and downloaded the sample .Net sample webhookreceiver to test the webhook.

When i created a new app and go to webhooks (beta), it says "Sorry, webhooks are not supported for this app.

The steps are very straightforward though, i have downloaded ngrok to expose my localhost, hope to have any feedback.
Hi Jade,

Webhooks are only supported for Private and Partner app types. Did you perhaps create a Public application?

Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)  

Hi Stephen,

Yeah i created a public application. my bad.

Thank you! I will do the Private app this time.

Jade Cimafranca  

No worries :)

Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)  

Hi Stephen,

How do you make the Intent to receive change to OK? i get 502 bad gateway as response.

I've copied the webhook key to signingkey file. Is there anything else that needs to be configured?


Jade Cimafranca  

Hey Stephen,

It's okay now. i forgot i had closed my localhost earlier.

Jade Cimafranca  

When your subscription is going through the Intent to Receive phase we'll be sending through a few payloads, some correctly signed and some incorrectly signed.

For the correctly signed payloads your app needs to respond with a HTTP 200 response or HTTP 401 for an incorrectly signed payload.

You can read more about this here https://developer.xero.com/documentation/webhooks/configuring-your-server#intent

Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)  

Okay perfect! Have a great day

Steven McDonald (Xero Staff)  


Just wondering, is there a preview in the myapps section that shows all request sent out?

Or is this only visible from the server?

Jade Cimafranca