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Invoicing for a bank-like organisation

Started by Felix NKUNDIMANA -   in Partner Program

Hey There,

I got an issue here and looking for a help/advise if possible,

One of our client is dealing in SMEs financing activities. when they use the normal Xero invoice it's kinda complicated because it would require to put principal plus interest and you know only interest is the one to be uncounted as income.
another complicated part is that they have a service of invoice discount (like someone has supplied goods for a tender and as he awaits for payment he needs cash, he can go and they give him up to 70% of the invoice amount which he will pay with a small interest calculated daily) so technically they don't know what will be the interest until their client bring back the money.

My question:
1. Is there a way to customize invoice in Xero so that the owed amount can increase daily/weekly with a certain percentage?
2. Do you know any add-on app that can do that?

Many Thanks!