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Add Employee Photo to Profile

Started by Larry Lemoore -   in Getting Started

Can Xero clients add photo of company employee? If so, how and where can the API call the photo and profile information?
Unfortunately, we do not support this from our API. You have to create an employee using the API and then use the front end to add the picture.

Mehendra Munasinghe (Xero Staff)  

Hello Mehendra,

Thank you for the quick response.

Please elaborate on where in the front end I would acquire the picture? Also, is it possible in the API to access a folder in Files via API?

Larry Lemoore  

Payroll > Employees
Select the employee (in this case the one that was added via the API).
On the top right you would see the upload photo link

Mehendra Munasinghe (Xero Staff)  

On a similar question we have just set up payroll and invited our employees. One employee received the invitation with a Mickey Mouse clipart image (which wasn't in their employee profile) and then Xero updated the employee image in Xero to the same image. Can you advise where the image is sourced as it has some inappropriate imagery and words and the employee has taken offence to it?

Graham Brown