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Xero - Elavon Converge Payment Integration

Started by Devon Lyons -   in Find a Developer


I'm searching for someone who can help develop a payment integration for Xero and Elavon Converge. Using the "Custom Payment URL", I don't think this should be too difficult, or possibly a solution exists already. Ideally, clicking the "Pay Now" button on the invoice would take the customer to a page where they can see the amount of the invoice, type in their credit card info, hit submit, and be emailed a receipt.

At this time, I do not require the application to then send payment info to Xero so the invoice can be marked as paid, but if that was also available it would be beneficial in the future.

Can anyone help?
Hi Devon,

This would indeed be simple. We have done exactly the same internally to accept credit card payments via WorldPay. Happy to help - drop me an email.

James Hadley

James Hadley  

Hi Devon

Also something we could help with. We own and operate Directli (GoCardless for Xero) so have oodles of experience with Pay Now links, marking invoices as paid and reconciling transactions.

William Renfrew  

Hi Devon, How did you get on with this project. I am looking to do basically the same thing and my initial chat with Evalon has my head spinning (i'm NOT a developer)... lol
We use Xero and Evalon is our card processor. We only ever raise invoices from Xero and send to client. We love them having option to pay right away. We also like option to add card processing fee.
Cheers Peter

Peter Humphrey  

Hi Peter,

We also use Elavon, do you ever find a fix for the solution, would be so so handy !

Ronan Liddy  

Hi Ronan, unfortunately I have not found a solution as yet. There appears to be some plug ins for word press that work with Evalon, but not for taking invoice data FROM Xero and providing payment features.

Still searching.

Peter Humphrey  

Hi guys,

We indeed did develop our own solution. Feel free to email me for more info.


Devon Lyons  


I'm looking to integrate Xero with Elavon. Did a solution ever come up?


Stephen Boyle