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"can only have 2 private applications" error

Started by Chris Mills -   in Add-ons

I am trying to connect one of our computers with QuickWin Dev's Excel addon to our customers' Xero accounts. (This allows a quick and easy data connection straight from a client's Xero accounts to an Excel model.) We have already performed this setup on a few computers, but on this computer I am getting this "You can only have 2 private applications linked to an organisation." error message.

I am trying to do this with our own certificate, which has been used with the other computers without problems.
I already have the QWD addon installed in this machine's Excel.
The computers already set up each connect to several clients' Xero accounts.
These clients don't have any other service provider connected to their Xero accounts so far as I understand.

What is going wrong?
Does Xero only allow us to setup connections on two computers?
That would be a bit of a nuisance when we have several staff serving quite a few customers, and we have been trying to convince as many as possible over to Xero because of its other benefits, but if it is so limiting in this sense then would we need to encourage clients away from Xero?

Thanks in advance,
Kai (on Chris' computer since it is the culprit)
WOW!!! two months and no replies! Either I am the only person on earth having this problem or no-one has any ideas how to resolve it.

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Okay, I figured it out.

I deleted all of my existing connections and started from scratch.
The shortfall in the addon developers' youtube instructions was that he said only too 'create new connection', but the truth is that once it is set up on one computer all subsequent connections should 'use existing connection'. Obvious in hindsight, but I kept following the dev's instructions, and they didn't cover that.

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Hi Kai,
I've just stumbled across this post now. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain I explain in my video tutorials that you can reuse connections on multiple machines. Apologies if this is not the case.
In future, please contact me directly on support@quickwindevelopment.com. I could have given you this answer likely in the same day you asked.


Ruairi M  

Hello Ruairi,

As stated above, your video instructions missed a bit.

I did ask you for assistance; your reply, as always, was an email with a one-size-fits-all instruction set, a link to the first of your YouTube videos, and a statement to the effect that if this was inadequate then you offered a consultancy service for $100 per half-hour.
As I recall, we even called you and got the same response by phone.

QWD is a wonderful product and I love it, but your customer support sucks.

Kindest regards,

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Hi Kai,
The email you would have got is an automatic response that's sent containing answers to common issues. It says at the top "If the answers below could not resolve your issue or you’d like to book in a consult, just reply to this email and I’ll try get back to you within 48 hours." I generally try to help out where I can but I only respond to people who reply, as I assume that those that don't have resolved their issues with the tips in the automatic email. I can't find any email from you, so I'm not sure what happened. But I apologize for the poor support experience you had. I'm not sure who you called though, I don't give out my number.

The paid support is more for people who really need one on one help or sometimes people want me to have a bit of a Q&A with their teams to get them started.


Ruairi M