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Super Funds and the calcinai Xero-PHP library

Started by Kamron Brooks -   in Getting Started

Asking for help here because calcinai is unresponsive and I can't get help anywhere else.

I have a private application I'm making using the Calcinai Xero=PHP library. Making an onboarding system where new employees put in all their details, which are then passed to Xero.

I can get all the personal details to send to Xero (name, birthdate, start date, phone number and all that jazz) but I CANNOT figure how to get the Super membership sorted. I capture the nominated fund details in my form (ABN, USI and whatnot) and from what I can see I need to use those to search for the Super Fund so I can get its ID from Xero and can then make a SuperFundMembership.

If I do $xero->load("\XeroPHP\Models\PayrollAU\SuperFund")->where("ABN", "11099645885")->where("USI", "11099645885001")->execute() though I get
Fatal error: Uncaught XeroPHP\Remote\Exception\BadRequestException: ()
Validation errors:
( and a stack trace)

but that's it. The validation errors bit is empty and I just can't figure out what I'm supposed to do to record the employee's Super details. Any help would be appreciated I've been stuck on this for nearly a week now and there's nowhere else I can ask.