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Need an add on report for Ex-Banklink Clients Coding reports

Started by Allison Robinson -   in Add-ons

We have currently moved our Banklink Coding Report clients over to Xero. These clients are not computer savvy. We require a report to be written that can take the reconciled and/or unreconciled data from the clients bank statement (whichever we choose) and put onto a report that our ExBanklink clients can write the transaction details on - In pen.

We believe that this would be a very commonly requested report for Australian Accounting firms. Especially since MYOB's canibalism of Banklink.


Hi Allison,

If you are looking for a developer to develop the custom report for you, you might want to post this on "Find a Developer" section.

There is also a list of approved Xero custom developers here - http://www.xero.com/au/add-ons/custom-integration/

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)  

I've looked into this before and assumed it couldn't be done as there is no way to see unreconciled bank statements from the API. However, I've just noticed that the Bank Statement report (see http://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/reports/#BankStatement) might give me the data I need to make this report.

If I can get this to work, I'll include it in the sample report pack that comes with my Excel Addon (see http://www.quickwindevelopment.com/addons/excel-integration-tools/)

If you would like to help out with testing and feedback, send me an email at: ruairi@quickwindevelopment.com


Ruairi M  

Try this app, I built this for exactly the same reason for my practice....

Tristan Creed