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Developer required to collect info from MedEdi and import to Xero

Started by Marius Higgs -   in Find a Developer


We have a system in South Africa called MedEdi that submit medical claims directly from the Dr's surgery to the Medical aid. We are doing accounting work for Medical Doctors and are trying to work with MedEdi to allow us to create a program that will take the invoices done in MedEdi and reproduce it in Xero and when payment is done from the medical aid allocate to the invoices and if short paid then let Xero with the invoice reminders take over to send the invoice to the patient.

Anyone that can assist to create this?
What would be the cost to develop this?

Warm Regards


Let's have a skype call

Kind Regards

Remember I consult on a per hour basis. Contact me if your need me to fix the problem. $45 per hour.

We can do a 30 min free consultation via Skype.

Henzard Kruger
Certified Advisor and Full Stack developer
Picahoo cc - 0711304241 - henzard@picahoo.co.za
Skype: henzard, Gtalk: henzardkruger@gmail.com
Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

I abide by the 3 message rule. After 3 messages we skype.


Henzard Kruger  

Hi Henzard

I am still trying to get information from MedEdi and for them to approve this project. As soon as I have an answer I will skype call you.



Marius Higgs  

Great I am ready and waiting

Henzard Kruger  

any update on this?

Winston Coerecius  

We found a company in South Africa that had a system that was integrating with Sage and they are busy getting it approved by Xero. Thank you all for assistance in this!

Marius Higgs  

Great! please share. As I am also looking for a system that can integrate.

Winston Coerecius  

Johan please email me info@taxassist.co.za as soon as we have the final go-ahead from Xero I can then email you the information.

Marius Higgs  

Dear all

I just want to find out if there has been any progress with the above mentioned?

Thank you
Kind regards

Jandré van Tonder  

Hi Jandre,

If your a developer share you info then if people come across this thread they can contact you.

Henzard Kruger