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Add new Field to Invoices (like Shipping Cost)

Started by jiggs jaiswal -   in Add-ons

I am able to add invoices to the system via API easily.. I want to add an extra field to the normal invoices.. Can this be done ??

I know there was a similar question asked about 18 months ago, however I noticed in "Chart of Account" there is a "Freight & Courier" expense.. Is there anyways we can exploit that using the "Account Code" and add it in the Invoice via the API ?????

Thanks for your help....
@ JJ - Unfortunately Xero doesn't support custom fields on invoices or a freight total so you'll need to add a separate line item to the invoice with the detail of the freight charge. Consider using a new account for tracking freight on sales rather than the existing expense account.

Tony Rule (Xero Staff)  

Hi, what about when uploading invoices from myob to xero - i cant seem to get it to pick up the freight charges. Can this be done??

Simon Chalmers  

Hi, I would like to ask, will there be an issue if I add Shipping cost as new Item

Lanka Senanayaka