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token rejected

Started by QA ResulltsCom -   in Partner Program

Hi Team,

As a developer at Results.com, we have been using the Partner to serve our customers with Xero integration. Lately, we decided to update our Parner App implementation where we removed the entrusting certificate and updated the endpoint. The upgrade did not go as smooth as we would've thought. When our application tries to renew the access token, we keep getting below error.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7saNynWlesLOTVBMExCWm54bkU/view?usp=sharing

We are now having to reauthenticate our integration every 30 minutes. Happy to provide detailed information.

Can someone from the support team please reach out via (chitrang.thakkar at results dot com)


Kind Regards,

Hi Team,

Any luck with above? We have been waiting for over two months now..

QA ResulltsCom