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Post OAuth Signiture Error

Started by Developers Spidertracks -   in API Authentication

Hi, the connection to my test account has just started failing. I have not changed anything with my code recently and this started failing in the last few days.

I have tried regenerating the secret and key and uploading a new public key as well as resetting the application but nothing seems to work?
Have there been any changes to the api recently that may be causing this?

I'm getting the following:
Caused by: net.oauth.OAuthProblemException: signature_invalid
oauth_problem_advice: Failed to validate signature

at net.oauth.client.OAuthResponseMessage.toOAuthProblemException(OAuthResponseMessage.java:83)
at net.oauth.client.OAuthClient.invoke(OAuthClient.java:308)
at net.oauth.client.OAuthClient.invoke(OAuthClient.java:262)
at com.spidertracks.aviator.xero.XeroClient.uploadContacts(XeroClient.java:75)
... 49 more

Any ideas?

Hi Matthew,

I've responded to your ticket.

I believe the culprit is Demo Company that has expired.

W. Abdullah (Community Manager)