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Started by Martin Kratky -   in Add-ons

Can you please elaborate what drives the ranking on the Xero Apps Market Place page? We are a bit surprised that our app (http://www.clearjelly.net) with a user base around the world and multiple good ratings is only shown at the end of the list with many apps with zero ratings (as well as alphabetically behind us) before us. As the "Reporting" category is already pretty crowded (and although closest match only a fraction of what we do) we would also suggest to extend that with: "Business Intelligence", "Budgeting/Planning", "Corporate Performance Management" or similar.
Hi Martin,

We have 4 different views on the Marketplace to sort the add-ons displayed within any category.

- Featured First
- Most Popular
- Latest
- A-Z

I'm going to assume you're talking about the default one (Featured First). This displays a pre-selected list of add-ons that are marked as featured. After these apps it displays the add-ons based on the number of customers actively using each add-on (based on a rolling average).

The Most Popular setting also works the same way, it just doesn't display the 'Featured' add-ons at the top automatically.

Unfortunately, these views don't take community reviews into account. They only work on the basis of add-on installs within Xero orgs.

I've checked your rolling average against what your current ranking is, and it's correct as of today.

With the way it works, the only way to get further up the list is to get more Xero orgs connected to your add-on.

I've also passed on your feedback to our Marketplace manager about extending the Reporting category with a bit more granularity.

Thanks and best of luck,


Jordan Walsh (Xero Staff)  

totally agree need a category for Business Plan/Report/ Manage

Sarah McMurray  

@Jordan or anyone else at xero team could you please comment on the categorisation of Add-ons?

One “Reporting” category is simply not sufficient. It doesn't really reflect what the add-ons are doing and is already way overcrowded. This is totally unhelpful for potential users that are looking for specific Business Intelligence/Analytics (which would be at least a better category type reference but likely still too broad) add-ons.

It needs to be separated further e.g.

>Pure Reporting Add-ons
>Planning/Budgeting/Corporate Performance Management/FP&A (Financial Analysis & Planning)
>Advanced Analytics

Martin Kratky