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Started by Jerry Jariwalla -   in Add-ons

I wonder what the easiest way to connect Xero, Workflow Max, and a CRM (capsule/zoho) is?

I realise Xero connects to WFM
I realise Xero connects to Capsule
I realise Xero connects to Zoho

However, WFM doesnt connect to either of the CRMs as far as I know.


Hi there

It depends on exactly what data you wanted to connect - connecting Capsule to Xero and WorkflowMax to Xero could be all you need to do if you just want a unified view of your contacts.

If you have more complex requirements, you might find a 3rd party service like OneSaas which excels at connecting multiple apps together. OneSaas integrates with all the apps you mentioned.

Ronan Quirke (Community Manager)